It's a Visual World

Advertising photography it’s a visual world.

Advertising photography it’s a visual world of creativity. Through its visual appeal these advertising pictures say more than a thousand words. A mishmash of my latest shoots. Creative photography carries a range of professional, studio photoshoots for the specific purpose of commercial photography for ad agencies to shoot on location with as little interruption as possible to the client’s daily business operations. Ignus Gerber is one of the best local advertising photographers in Johannesburg Sandton. Ignus has photography techniques that bring an inspiration, creativity and imagination coupled with advanced and sophisticated equipment and technical knowledge that enables him to cover a wide range of genre’s that suit the commercial and advertising industry and marketing agencies, which include corporate portraits, products in their environment and catalogue style in studio, as well as action photography. When it comes to delivering iconic photographs, video, commercials, and campaigns that always exceed client expectations, but remain within budget, look no further than IGP. Please do not hesitate to contact Ignus Gerber Photography for a custom-made quotation to meet your specific Advertising Photography requirements.