Construction of Nacala Railway - Malawi

Professional photography of Construction of Nacala railway

Construction of Nacala railway, also known as Northern Corridor railway and Nacala Corridor railway, is a railway line that operates in northern Mozambique on a 912 kilometres that runs west from the port city of Nacala, crossing the central region of Malawi, connecting with the coal belt of Moatize, in northwest Mozambique. It is connected to the Dona Ana-Moatize railway branch and the Sena railway. It also has a 262 kilometres branch line from Cuamba to Lichinga. This railway line is part of the logistics mega-enterprise called “Nacala Logistics Corridor”. The construction of Nacala Railway started in 1915, as a project to link the port of Lumbo with a vast hinterland to the Protectorate of Nyasaland. The first 90 km, up to Monapo, were opened for operation in 1924, but the project declined for lack of resources. When a building was renovated in the late 1920s, he realized that the port of Lumbo had a number of design weaknesses, deciding that Nacala should be the port terminal on a line. The tracking was changed and a link between Monapo and Nacala was opened. In 1932, a railroad reached 350 km, already connecting Nacala to Mutivasse and, in 1950, it extended to Cuamba, 538 km from Nacala. Starting from Cuamba, 262 km of lightning were built up to Lichinga. On May 17, 1968, the government of Malawi signed an agreement with Portugal to open an extension starting in the city of Nkaya, to connect with Cuamba. The Nkaya station thus formed an interconnection between the Sena Railway and the Nacala Railway. The Nacala line is the longest but most direct route, the Malawi connection to the sea to the port of Beira has been predetermined. Please do not hesitate to contact Ignus Gerber Photography for a custom-made quotation to meet your specific requirements.