Industrial photography by Ignus Gerber

Industrial photography is important because it captures the technology, innovation and hard work that is behind industrial processes of all sorts. Industrial photographers such as Ignus Geber take photos of products, machinery, equipment, and staff. These photos are then used on websites and in marketing collateral like magazines, brochures, advertisements, and social media posts.  Most people are not aware of what happens behind the scenes in the industries listed above, and industrial photographs can show them in a unique and interesting light. This type of photography is common in various industries, including construction, mining, manufacturing, energy, and transportation. Often, industrial photography show people building and making things – the aim is to capture the manufacturing process and the laborious jobs that are performed by workers. Every major industrial company needs photographs of their operations, and as technology and automation continue to develop, the need for these images will only increase. Please do not hesitate to contact Ignus Gerber Photography for a custom-made quotation to meet your specific requirements.