Walter sisulu paediatric cardiac foundation for Africa

Walter sisulu paediatric cardiac foundation is an independent, philanthropic cardiac foundation for Africa, focusing on delivering life-saving cardiac intervention and surgical correction for underprivileged children with  congenital heart defects from across Africa. The WSPCF was established in 2003, as a living legacy to the late Walter Sisulu and his widow, Albertina, both of whom have dedicated their lives to helping children in need. The WSPCF’s vision is to build capacity and promote equity for indigent cardiac babies and children in Africa. The foundation aims to achieve this via our three objectives, namely (i) cardiac surgery and intervention; (ii) training and skills development and (iii) research in the field of paediatric cardiac healthcare. Ignus Gerber captures the heart and soul of this foundation through his amazing photogrpahy skills and techniques. Please do not hesitate to contact Ignus Gerber Photography for a custom-made quotation to meet your specific requirements.