Willem Boshoff

Willem Boshoff Art Exhibits photography showcasing artistic creativity 

Willem Boshoff Art Exhibits a guest artist, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa. Boshoff is a word artist, playing with letters and meaning. In this exhibition he is more a statement artist. He has created large works using single words to conjure universes – PIG (a work made out of what looks like hand made paper interwoven with human hair, and enmeshed within it fragments of religious texts that all have a view of the unclean pig) and BULL (which brings to life the idea of a bull market and the bullshit of a capitalist system that underpins it. The piece is covered in thorns calling to mind the crown of thorns and running across it are quotes about money and finance. Willem Boshoff is one of South Africa’s foremost conceptual artists with a career spanning more than thirty years. Boshoff works in a variety of media which includes; sculpture, installation, performance and printmaking. His extensive oeuvre reflects his interest in languages, words, plants, nature, materials, science, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and politics. Boshoff’s practice has been described as an encyclopaedic obsession. Please do not hesitate to contact Ignus Gerber Photography for a custom-made quotation to meet your specific requirements.